About us

We are a reliable, flexible and innovative company. Our goal is to make your journey to your new home easy, stress-free and above all, safe. Our services can be tailored to suit your personal needs and are fully insured to protect your belongings. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our story

Our story is your story! Excited about moving home, but, full of anxieties, surprises and have lots of questions? Our co-founder Mladjan had a similar experience when he moved from his apartment in 2017. He started researching the complex moving market in Switzerland with the idea to create a platform where people could choose one partner that offers them transparency and the best prices. His idea was welcomed by the Swiss Startup Factory who have been with us on our journey ever since.

Three years after the company was founded, MoveAgain has completed almost 10,000 assignments and is now expanding into the German market. By applying the same high standards, MoveAgain now also wants to simplify the process of moving in Germany.

Our team

Our ability to deliver outstanding results, starts with our team of dedicated and well networked experts within the moving industry. Our team combines knowledge of; business, marketing and IT skills to bring the end product directly to our customers. We share a mutual passion for helping people move and providing the best service for both our customers and partners.

Mladjan Filipovic


Alice Schütt


Andrea De Micheli


Pascal Jauch


Cécile Furlotti


Robert Abinger


Denis Patkovic


Dusan Zezelj


Stefan Ristic


Xavier Castane

Business Intelligence